For Yellowknife Property Owners

The decision to hire a property manager can bring immense peace of mind. CW Services use their experience to make it easier for you by solving tenant-related problems, ultimately reducing the number of owner hours spent on making repairs or collecting rent. CW Services employs experts in applicable all regulations that impact property management in Yellowknife, increasing owner confidence that your property will consistently comply with legislation.

For Associations, Corporations and Condominium Boards

CW Services provides unprecedented management for condo corporations. Our property management services will allow your board members and volunteers to spend more time on what they do best – governance on steering the direction of your community as opposed to the countless hours spent on administrative tasks.

For Lenders

Serving Canadian lenders and their law firms, CW Services is Yellowknife’s leading provider of mortgage default property management services. We offer a full portfolio of reliable, affordable property maintenance services.